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Door Supervision Training in Middlesex - 6th to 9th December

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On behalf of SIA Training London, we would like to extend a very warm welcome to you.

With courses running in 10 Locations all over London from North to South East to West, we are ideally located for your training requirements. Whether you want to fit your SIA Training into your busy lifestyle or if you’re actively seeking a new career, SIA Training London’s got you covered.


If it’s achieving new goals you’re after, enjoy a training session with one of our qualified and friendly trainers. Un-paralleled careers advice and regular program updates are available to help you achieve your goals whatever they may be. We also offer an in house security-training course for security guards and door supervisors alike.


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Door Supervisor EntranceDoor Supervision Courses

Door Supervision is the badge allowing you to perform any role within manned guarding. We recommend it over a Security Guarding badge as it enables you to fulfil the role in more locations and makes you more likely to gain employment.

Monday 16th-19th December – Stratford, East London

Monday 6th-9th January – Middlesex

Tuesday 7th-10th January – Croydon, South London

Thursday 23rd-26th January – Hammersmith, West London

Upskilling Courses

Upskilling is a course that is currently required for Door Supervisors who are renewing their badge after having done their course before 2010, with under 3 years since the expiry of their licence. If it has been longer than that, you may need to do the full course (see above).

Sunday 8th December – Middlesex

Thursday 19th December – Hammersmith, West London

CCTV Operator Courses

A CCTV licence is required fulfil a role wherein your role shall include access to CCTV equipment which may be able to view the public. It also teaches you all of the relevent skills for everyday surveillance in a secure business environment.

Friday 3rd-6th January – Croydon, South London

Monday 13th-16th January – Stratford, East London


SIA training with a friend can enhance the experience, you’ll be more motivated to throw your hat in the ring, they’ll get a chance to try everything on offer at your local training centre and share the journey to security success.

The latest bunch of complimentary guests passed with flying colours why shouldn’t you share in their triumph to.

“If we don’t take bounds in imagination or dreaming, we lose the possibilities of succeeding. Dreaming, after all is the first step of planning.”

SIA Training in London’s online job seeker platform ( offers security professionals a unique chance to showcase their newly learned skills and talents. is a medium that lets individuals’ personalities shine through.

Got the right stuff to become a security expert in SIA door supervision? Learn about the electrifying domain of security. You can work at events, concerts, stylish wine bars in a variety of operations from small venues to large scale line-ups at a busy nightclub destination in the UK’s capital city London. You can rely upon us to prepare for the task at hand.

Security Jobs

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Grabbing an employer’s attention has never been more challenging. So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

At the SIA training London we work with you to capture the imagination of perspective companies.

We work hard to help you make a name for yourself in London’s Burgeoning security industry.

Over the last five years we have focussed on developing outstanding training methods designed to make you stand-out head and shoulders above the rest.

From time to time we send out a newsletter introducing new security products, and hints or tips to get the most out of your career in the private security industry as well as a range of exclusive offers just for our members.

To check we have the latest email address for you, log into our online security portal and go to the registration section. Soon you’ll be receiving your job offers via email as well as information about the latest events, and other stuff lined up for the near future.


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The U.K security industry is on its way to following our American counter parts not too far in the future. Several communities across the Atlantic have experienced substantial cuts to state police funding. Areas in the Inner city such as Oakland and Baltimore have been especially hard hit. It was decided that these cities would subsidise private security to patrol their communities.

If the police force across the United Kingdom loses funding and is forced to cut back, could this be the way of the future for our security industry as well? SIA licensed individuals could become something of a commodity. How long will it take before British borough councils and the business community get together, pool their resources and decide to do the same?

Private security firms could soon be playing a role in such activities as investigation, patrolling neighbourhoods. There were plans drawn up mid 2012 to trial the new incentive.

Surrey and West Midlands forces have been inviting tenders from private security firms, for contracts, on behalf of all forces.

Police officers would be supported in their day-to-day duties by security personnel, however they will still not be permitted to arrest under suspicion.

Shadow cabinet member and Labour MP Yvette Cooper is quoted as saying she is “very worried” about the pressure placed on police due to government cuts.

This seems like an ideal time to get into the security industry!

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